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Savage, O’Donnell, Affeldt, Weintraub & Johnson Wins Appeal For Volunteer Firefighters

When Berryhill Volunteer Fire District was sued for wrongful termination, Terry O’Donnell took the case.

Although Terry O’Donnell and a team of attorneys at Savage O’Donnell worked hard through the trial, the jury came back with a verdict for the plaintiff. But the experienced team of attorneys at Savage O’Donnell recognized the legal errors in the case and kept fighting. Savage O’Donnell appealed the case to the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals. In the end, Savage O’Donnell won the appeal and successfully defended the small volunteer fire department from paying a large verdict.

The experienced attorneys at Savage, O’Donnell, Affeldt, Weintraub & Johnson stand ready to take your case and keep fighting to the end. Our attorneys have years of experience in nearly any legal issue you could face including, domestic relations, business matters, estate planning, tax law, insurance disputes, and employment cases. If you have a case that needs an experienced and successful lawyer, please feel free to give us a call.

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