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Terry O'Donnell Wins Appeal for Small Business

Small businesses face uncertainty when dealing with an injured employee that has filed a Workers’ Compensation claim. The issues the employer faces become even more complex when the employee’s performance declines and the employer must take action. Unfortunately, the action an employer must take often turns into a wrongful termination lawsuit against the business.

In McLagan v. Central State Community Services Oklahoma, Inc., Terry O’Donnell recently represented Central State, a small home-healthcare business that faced such a wrongful termination lawsuit. After the employee suffered an on the job injury, Central State placed the employee on Temporary Total Disability because the business couldn’t offer any light-duty work to the employee. Because the employee misunderstood the situation, she believed the company fired her. Accordingly, the employee sued Central State for wrongful termination.

Terry investigated the facts and quickly got down to the bottom of the problem. He soon won the case on summary judgment. But the employee still believed Central State wrongfully terminated her and she filed an appeal. Terry thus researched the issues and drafted a winning brief. Terry again prevailed. Terry’s experience and skills helped him see the issues clearly and provide certainty to his uncertain client.

If your business faces a similar lawsuit from a present or former employee, Terry can help you resolve the problem. The other experienced attorneys on hand at Savage, O’Donnell, Affeldt, Weintraub & Johnson also stand ready to help you with any personal injury, tax problems, business transactions, and estate planning issues you may face.     

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