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Have you experienced injury caused by someone else’s negligence? We can help.

Have you been the victim or had an injury caused by someone else’s blatant disregard for others such as a careless car crash or dog bite? Has your injury caused you personal or financial harm? Savage O’Donnell has the expertise and experience to help your receive compensation for injuries like a severe burn, broken bones or neck strains. We’ve helped countless clients with slip and fall accidents, product liability, premise liability, auto accidents, and truck accidents.

We know no amount of money can take back what has happened, but it can help you cope with the difficulties your injury has caused.

Personal Injury Advisors

Adam Scott Weintraub

Adam Scott Weintraub is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from the University of Oklahoma and was president of the Legal Honor’s Fraternity at the University of Oklahoma College of Law. Adam began his career as a prosecutor in Tulsa County. More →
Phone (918)582-0582
Fax (918)587-8925

Terry S. O’Donnell

Mr. O’Donnell has over twenty years experience representing corporate clients of all sizes in employment disputes and civil litigation. More →
Phone (918)599-8400
Fax (918)599-8444

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Published May 8, 2020

The safety and health of our clients and staff is the top priority of Savage O’Donnell Affeldt & Weintraub. For More →

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