Terry O’Donnell Elected to the State House of Representatives

Terry O’Donnell has long served his clients as an attorney. Now, Terry has the privilege of representing all Oklahomans as a State Representative. In November 2012, Terry’s constituents elected him to serve as the State Representative for State House District #23, which includes Catoosa, East Tulsa, Verdigris, South Rogers County, and North Wagoner County.

The principal reason Terry agreed to run for the Oklahoma State Legislature was so that he could better serve his clients and neighbors in court, before government agencies, and as a lawmaker. With his victory, Terry now has that opportunity. From February 4, 2013 until May 31, 2013, Terry will be primarily serving his clients and constituents at the legislative session in Oklahoma City.

Despite having more responsibilities during the legislative session, Terry remains completely accessible to his clients and all Oklahomans. If you have any litigation, employment, or business issues, whether political or legal, Terry and the attorneys at Savage, O’Donnell, Affeldt, Weintraub & Johnson are available to help.

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