Mitch O’Donnell Wins Suit for Small Town Home Owners

Mitch O’Donnell, a lawyer with over fifty years experience, recently had two clients come in the door that faced a major problem. Mitch’s clients were building their dream home in a small rural community outside of Tulsa. During construction, however, the couple’s dream became a nightmare. A concrete company had a heavy concrete truck tip over on the property and the general contractor then went bankrupt without paying any suppliers, including the concrete supplier. In the end, the concrete company filed a lien on the property and sued the home owners.

Despite vigorous attempts from the plaintiff’s law firm, Mitch O’Donnell and a team of associates were able to walk the couple through the process of getting the lien cleared from the property. More importantly, the lawyers at Savage O’Donnell developed a litigation strategy that would enable the couple to win the lawsuit. In the end, Savage O’Donnell achieved resounding success on all claims against the couple and won the case on summary judgment. With the help of Mitch and the associates at Savage O’Donnell, the couple can now stop worrying about the lawsuit and enjoy their peaceful dream home in the country.

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Published May 8, 2020

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